this is the best day ever on this blog

This is the best day ever on this blog, because today Kenzo put together this super-cool header at the top of the blog.

See look up there…just a few inches above where you are looking right now.

Kenzo did that.

Isn't she awesome?

A few nights back, my eleven-year-old asked me what picture I wanted to use and then disappeared to a computer. A short while later she had snipped and cut and colored and moved and created and re-created the amazing banner at the top. Tonight she put it in place.

And the technology didn't totally cooperate. When she tried ot make the image bigger, the space got smaller, when she tried to reduce the size to make it fit, the space got bigger. And so she figured out a way to add some color at the edges until she can conquer the sizing issue some day soon.

But until then, I am completely thrilled with my new super-cool banner, produced by Kenzo the Magnificent.


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