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Less Dad, More Dad. or What are you doing today that allows you to be more involved in your kids life?

So I am about six weeks into my commitment to be Less Dad, More Dad.

More directly, I am trying to get myself to healthier so that if there is less of me (in terms of gross tonnage) there will ultimately be more of me. (in aggregate years)

I want to make sure that I can be as much a part of the girl’s life as possible. (especially since Madison will likely be with us for her whole life and The Beautiful Bride would be extremely ticked off if kicked off sooner than needed…I do not like to make that woman mad…)

Here are some of the key numbers from this journey and my observations about them.

  • Six weeks – started this process
  • 5:20 am – time the alarm clock goes off every dang morning. Too early for man or beast. Gonna have to start going to bed before i get home from the office.
  • 5:30 am – time I get on the dang bike every morning
  • 6:12 am – sunrise this morning (this is becoming a problem, as it is a tad bit dark on the Brentwood bicycle trail now. Going to suggest that the few of you that are out there in the early morning wrap yourselves in Christmas lights so that I do not run you over. Same suggestion applies to all the squirrels and bunnies.)
  • 10.5 – # of lbs that have been released tot he universe since i started this journey
  • 2 – # of new belt loops that I am using
  • Too Many – # of hills that I have ridden up. I am confident that Brentwood is in some kind of universal vortex in that there are more “uphill hills” than “downhill hills.”
  • ZERO – # of pairs of stretchy bike pants that I have worn
  • ZERO – # of pairs of stretchy bike pants that I will ever wear
Now two questions…
  1. I am bored with the music on my Ipod. I need some new music. Any good suggestions on good “curse the hills bike riding music?”
  2. What are you doing today that allows you to be more involved in your kids life?