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So, what would you do for your kids?

So, what would you do for your kids?

Seems like a bit of a rhetorical question doesn’t it?

Because the obvious answer is “Anything.” Or a more refined, politically correct answer is “I will make sure my kids have what they NEED, not what they WANT.” Or “I do not DO for my kids, I AM for my kids.” Or some other kind of psycho-babble blather…

But this is not a treatise on spoiled/non-spoiled kids in North America, rather it is a simple question.

And I have a simple answer. Because I am now doing something different for my kids.

I am trying really hard to make sure there is less of me. As in girth, not emotional readiness or physical presence.

Actually, I guess, it really is “physical presence.” I know that we all have a limited time on this planet, and but I want to make sure that I do not limit my time on this planet. As in I want to make sure that is through no lazy/selfish/self-indulgent reason that my time here is less than it could have been. I do not want pizza or ice cream or potato chips to cause me to miss graduations or shows or (gulp!) weddings.

And so for the past few weeks I have been exercising. More specifically walking or riding my bike in the morning. And I have lost about seven pounds, but I feel like I have lost more than that.

So perhaps by me sharing this, I will be more inclined to keep going. I have stuck it out through the blazing hot last few weeks. The next challenge, starting this week, will be having to keep up at the crack of dawn in order to be finished by the time we need to get the girls going. That will not be fun.

And I have not set a “pound” goal, more I have set a life goal.

That is, simply, to be able to live more of it.

So, what do you need to do, or change in your life, for your kids?