Guest post by Macie Atwood

ImageFirst ever guest writer for Jeff Atwood’s blog… Nah. It’s weird to call him Jeff! This is Macie, or you might know me as Butter. Yup, that’s me. First ever guest writer on this blog! That’s more like it… The other night I went to Madison’s Best Buddies Prom, that’s the reason my dad had me come write here!

The prom was at a Marriot in Nashville and it was very nice! To get to the room in which it was literally held you had to walk up some stairs and down a long red carpet while people took pictures of you like paparazzi. The actual dance was in a dark room, surprisingly music blasting from loud speakers. There was a live band and they had people from each school sing karaoke. There were a few tables with dark table clothes, small colored stones, and candles. There were some spotlights and couldn’t help joke about hoping there was no strobe lights.

There were so many people there! This was because it was the prom for all of the Best Buddies programs of middle Tennessee. Every participant was so sweet and every buddy could not be nicer! There were beautiful dresses and tuxedos everywhere you look. There were also snacks available. It was an amazing night!

Although it was such a great night Madison didn’t want to do too much. This was because she didn’t want to dress up, it was loud, and some overall feeling that I think she doesn’t even know. She basically wanted to go to dinner before and get this year’s valentines, which we did. Then after that, we stopped by the dance to say hi to friends. She went in the room for a song to dance and hang out. However most of the time Madison stayed in the hallway where it was quieter, but where she could still dance.

The Best Buddies Prom was such an amazing night! The people there, the karaoke, the dancing, the red carpet, it was all so moving and magical! Madison, my mom, and I had a great time on our night out. My sister loved getting to hang out with her friends and dance with her best buddy Holly. It was a great night and I think we all look forward to it next year.

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