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I am NOT making this stuff up…

Img726 Pack you bags, batten down the hatches, and hold on to your hiney, cause the end of time is at hand.

Yesterday, for the second day in a row, STARBUCKS WAS OUT OF COFFEE.

I pulled into the Maryland Farms Starbucks again, right after lunch, asked the lovely Starbucks person for a venti coffee, and with a sheepish grin she said, "I'm sorry, but we are out of coffee…we have two people out and got behind…I can get you an Americano for the same price."

And so I got a cup with my name on it at Starbucks.

I never do that.

I am always a regular coffee, no fancy stuff, no name on the cup kind of guy.

But yesterday, because STARBUCKS WAS OUT OF COFFEE  for the SECOND DAY IN A ROW I got a cup with my name on it.

I have not looked yet, but i am fairly certain that there is a verse in Revelations that says something to the effect of:

"Ye verily there will come a day when the rivers of brown shall stop flowing, when the Star(bucks) of the west will not shine in the afternoon sky, and when names are written on the cup of life…when this comes to pass the days will be short."


Well I am pretty sure that those days are upon us…

Seven Dirty Words a Nun Should Not Say

In honor of the passing of George "Indecent but not Obscene" Carlin, I point you back to a December 2007 post about George Carlin’s seven dirty words. (and a nun.)

Not to be too political but…

Hillaryfaces No matter where you stand in the world of politics…this is funny. Thanks to Double3.

No wonder the economy is in toilet…

Img407 Saw this sign for tax preparers Jackson Hewitt at our local Wal Mart today.

They made need to re-think where they have their signage. (and people just thought the economy was going down the drain)

you without ink…draw the first line in the sand…

I am not a tattoo guy. Not opposed to it for any specific reason other than I change my mind about stuff too quickly. Not the important stuff like faith, family, etc…but pretty much everything else on I am bound to bounce in a different direction at some point or another.I am just afraid that if I was a tattoo guy I would have tattoos of pet rocks, Wang Chung, and diet cherry limeades.

And so that is why I am, not a tattoo guy.

But boy howdy are there a bunch of tattoo guys (and girls..)

And los whittaker has a bunch of really cool(and a few bizarre) tattoos up and running over at Ragamuffin Soul.

It is ink-alicous…

Roger Clemens Congressional hearings

See where the "he said-he said" Roger Clemens/Brian McNamee hearings before a congressional committee are "breaking news."

Seriously…do the members of the UNITED STATES CONGRESS not have anything better to do than see if a baseball player cheated?

Evidently not…so since our taxpayer-funded leaders have so much time on their hands, I have list of other things on which the UNITED STATES CONGRESS should hold hearings:

  1. What happens to all the missing socks in the dryer?
  2. What "sport" does the swimsuit issue of "Sports Illustrated" really illustrate?
  3. Britney Spear’s ability to be a mother.
  4. Who would win a cage match between Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster?
  5. What is really happening on "Lost?"
  6. The constitutionality of "Tastes Great" vs. "Less Filling"

What other important things would you like the UNITED STATES CONGRESS to be holding hearings on?

Winter weather advisory still in effect at the AtwoodZoo

Img352 Not sure what the forcast is around the area, what with the "snow day" we had today, but judging from the accumulation of ice on our car, we need to maintain the winter weather advisory.

As you can see from the photo, lots of ice caused conditions to be treacherous.

High-end tax service

Tax As the annual love offering to the IRS tax time approaches we all begin to think about the best way to get everything filed. If you’re like me, you think…hmmm…I wonder if my accountant/tax preparer/brother-in-law really know what their doing.

And so you begin to consider options.

Walking through Wal-Mart this afternoon I saw an "option." There it was in all its gray-flannel glory, the Jackson Hewitt office cubicle, (nearly) all set up for business.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think I would be a little bit nervous if I called my tax preparer to set a meeting, and in the course of getting directions to their office they said, "now if you get to the women’s restroom at Wal Mart, you’ve gone to far."

So you’re telling me that somebody had ASKED Britney and Jamie Lynn’s momma to write a parenting book….

So you’re telling me that somebody – more notably Thomas Nelson – was paying the mother of pop icon’s Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears to write a book. About parenting.

And know that Jamie Lynn is in a "family way" Nelson has decided to put plans for the "memoir" on hold.

I’ve got an idea for the folks at Nelson…since it looks like it might be a while til the Lynn Spears book is out and they have a hole to fill on their "questionable advice from questionable sources pub list," perhaps they could get Denver Bronco’s running back Travis Henry to write a book about how to be a father.

Nothing says merry christmas like…

Santa Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like Santa flipping you off…at least that’s what Urban Outfitters says….