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oops i went and did it again…

Measure Well, I read another. Romantic fiction books. This makes two in the past year. And both by the same author who is a friend of mine. I got an advance copy of Dee Gist’s new book, "The Measure of a Lady." And I read it sitting on a plane, without a brown paper cover. And frankly I thought the book, and the cover, were even better than her first book "A Bride Most Begrudging." (Not that I’m a critic or anything.)

That’s it. I’m not ashamed.

(though I must admit I was caught a bit off guard by the other products that popped up when I searched for the title on Amazon…)

Go ahead guys…read it. I dare you.

so true

“I’d rather entrust the government of the United States to the first 400 people listed in the Boston telephone directory than to the faculty of Harvard University.”

                                                    – William F. Buckley

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Totally Tubular Dude…

Check out this site. You can find out what song was #1 on the Billboard chart for any date. Check out your birthday, when you got married, graduated from high school, when your kids were born, etc.

Everyone together now…"Ebony and Ivory…."

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Valentine’s Card Boxes

Valentine Here is Suzie’s Valentine’s Card Box. Much more creative than the ones I made back in third grade. An old shoe box covered in aluminum foil and a couple of red hearts. Like I was expecting a valentine from the Robot in "Lost in Space."

This is what Suzie and the Beautiful Bride did yesterday. Looks like they used their time off from school because of the extremely treacherous "snow day" very wisely.

(feel free to drop in a little candy or card for Suzie…)


We were invited to dinner with some friends last Friday night, to celebrate our friend Faith’s 30th birthday. I said her 30th birthday.

As it turns out, we were unable to go because Suzie’s seizures are acting up again and we are back in the "changing meds motif."

But after the call from Faith’s husband, to invite us to her 30th birthday party, I got to thinking…

Now I recently turned 42, so if by chance we had grown up in the same town, which we didn’t, I would have been a senior in high school while she was in kindergarten. And I can just imagine me walking by the kindergarten hall saying, "hey I’m looking forward to the time 25 years from now when we will get together with some other friends to celebrate your 30th birthday…"

Funny how time shades away those decades of difference, and the senior can be friends with the kindergartner…


Hope you and yours had a White Christmas.

Pardon Me…

1641500_1 I may have mispoken earlier, it is not the Chewbacca mumbling "Silent Night" website that defines the Christmas holiday, it is the 7-FT Airblown® – Large Holy Family that says Christmas is really here.

(I think it is the "Is it Mario or Joseph?" moustache that makes this gem completely authentic.)

Make sure you are on the lookout this spring for the upcoming Jesus on the Cross inflatable and the Pope laying in state super jumbo inflatable.

Dig in.

From "The Message." Apple20pie_2

"Some people dig a fork into a pie

but are too lazy to raise it to their mouth."

                                    Proverbs 19:24

Idea stewardship

Great post about "idea stewardship"  from Mark Batterson. (You’ll need to scroll down just a bit to get to it.)

Rolling right along

Rsstroom_reader_restroom761230 User friendly technology at its best.