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Important Memo to Wal-Mart

Photo_197 Important holiday memo to our good friends at Wal-Mart.

Dear Friends,

I was in one of your stores today. As I walking through the Easter section, I came upon this large display of Easter books. I knew they were Easter books because you had written, in giant letters, EASTER.

But I as looked around the display, I saw a stack of books that seemed a bit out of place. There were several copies of the new best-seller, "The Secret," by Rhonda Byrne.

Perhaps you hadn’t heard, but Easter is about Jesus.

"The Secret" is not about Jesus, so I think that maybe you have those books in the wrong section.

Hope this was of assistance.

Oh…in case you were looking for a book about faith that might be right for your stores…I hear that there is another new book, this one called "Our Big, Big God", that might be a good choice.

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Anna Nicole Smith and Marilyn Monroe – the conspiracy theory

I have heard a few commentators make a reference between the lives and deaths of Anna Nicole Smith and Marilyn Monroe – I think if you’ll look a little deeper you’ll see some startling similarities – perhaps even a conspiracy…

Consider this:

  • Both have an "a" in their first name
  • Both were linked romantically to a very powerful man – Marilyn Monroe with President Kennedy, Anna Nicole Smith with the Bahama’s Minister of Tourism or Director of Pineapple and Banana Farming or something like that
  • Both had blonde hair
  • Both had a really creepy claim about their intimacy:  Anna Nicole Smith with Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband; Marilyn Monroe with "The Kennedy Boys"
  • Both died in a place that involve the "B" AND in both died in a state that ended in "A"- Anna Nicole Smith in the Bed in FloridA; Marilyn Monroe in the Bathroom in CaliforniA
  • Both were involved with men who used a middle initial in their names – John F. Kennedy and Howard K. Stern
  • Both have an odd number of letters in their names – ANS has 15; MM has 13
  • Both were in Playboy magazine and in both pictorials, they were naked!
  • Anna Nicole Smith was married to a man who was "63" years older than her; Marilyn Monroe was involved with President Kennedy who was killed in 19"63."

I am hopeful that this information will make the connection between the deaths of ANS and MM clear and as a result the waning media coverage of the death of ANS will continue at a rabidly feverish pace for the next 30 or forty years and not let important stories like the war in Iraq or human rights atrocities in Darfur to get in the way.

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"Unschooling??????" More like un-parenting.

bumper sticker

Photo_02_3 This seems a little harsh…

Ouch, again..

I’ve heard that things come in groups of I am flipping through the channels and see the Little League World Series is on. And the team from Newtown, PA. just up the road from where i grew up made the finals.

And then I realize that I am watching the game, seeing if THE KIDS, of any of my buddies growing up were on the team.

So between this realization, piled on top of the Tang issue the other day, makes me feel about 20 years older…

At least I wasn’t watching for friends grandchildren to be playing.


Tang Yesterday a college aged girl came to the office to help with same data entry. She carried one of those clear refillable water bottle that are "so popular with the young people" these days.

There was some sort of orange colored stuff in the jug so I asked what it was.

She said "Tang."

"Oh," I said. "Like the astronauts drank."

"Huh?" she said, with shoulders shrugged.

"You know…Tang was developed for the astronauts to drink in space."

"No, I never heard that," she said.

Ouch. I think I just aged ten years, standing there.

I walked out muttering…"Tang, like the astronauts…you know…they went into space…"

Michael Bullish on Bahrain?

Well, here goes the neighborhood….. Michael Bullish on Bahrain?.

I am now sure i am getting old. (part 3)

Went to the doctor (orthopedic surgeon!!!) today. Looks like it could be torn cartilage in the knee…we’ll watch it for a few days, then look at an MRI and a scope.

I guess this what you get when you make fun of your pastor for not wanting to play the second game of Laser Chase because his knee was bothering him and he wanted to make sure he was OK to play softball in a few days.

Note to self…don’t make fun of the pastors car or haircut.

NFL draft

..and with the 6th pick, the Tennessee Titans pick "pac man" jones from West Virginia.

What’s next, in the 8th round we pick Super Mario…

Just anotherday in paradise.

This is the day that was – April 6, 2005. The beautiful bride and I were joining some good friends on a five-day trip to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. Now there is always some sort trouble incorporated with travel, but this was just so over the top that I had to chronicle the proceedings.

This is as best as I can recall….

Franklin, Tennessee

4:15 am – Alarm goes off. Bags are already in the car; all that is left is showers and last minute items. After a big cup of coffee even 4:15 does not seem so bad.

5:00 am – Right on time, Nana pulls up in the Nan mobile. She is staying with the girls and getting them off to school. We leave for the airport at about 5:15 am for a 6:30 am flight. Everything is on track…if this were a movie the ominous sounding soundtrack would begin in 3…2…1….go!

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