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The vegetables have left the arena…

The Beautiful Bride leaves today for America’s Mart in Atlanta and then the Dallas Gift Market.  I am so proud of her; she has a great story to tell with Show Offs Art and has some super cool new products.

In the meantime, she is gone for the better part of the next 12 days which means that I am the officer-in-charge. She has left me with some very specific instructions for maintaining the peace while she is gone.

My instructions (as I interpret them):

–          Don’t lose the children.

–          Don’t let them get arrested.

–          Do not add to the drama.

–          Remember they are teenage girls. Remember that you have NO experience being a teenage girl.

–          A vegetable at some point would be nice. (You can contact their grandmother’s about assistance in this area…)

–          Remember to pick them up after school. It would not be good to have Madison wandering the county.

–          You DO NOT have the right to randomly take things to the dump or Thrift Store.

–          Putting dirty clothes in the garbage is not a good long-term solution to keeping the house clean.

–          Pizza is not the “miracle food” you think it is, which means it is not good for every meal.

–          Hug them lots every day.

I can do this…right???