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What’s wrong with this picture? (or how we disproved Newton’s Third Law of Motion last night at the AtwoodZoo)

Let’s imagine this picture is one of those puzzles where you have to “find all the things that are wrong.”  In this case there is just one mistake. Now put on your thinking caps and think real hard for a minute and see if you can come up with the problem.

Wait for it…

If you guessed, “there shouldn’t be a shower door in the middle of the bathtub” you’re a winner!

Now at our house, we like to take every challenge and turn it into a learning opportunity. (If you believe that, then you also believe that Kim Kardashian is broken-hearted right now too…) Actually, we just mostly try to hang on for dear life and survive every challenge.  But in this case, really would like to make this a teachable moment. I’d like to use the “shower door in the tub” as a chance to review Newton’s Third Law of Motion, which as you all know from high school physics (repeat after me…) states that for every action there is a reaction.

Now, assuming that Sir Isaac Newton was right (and really who among us can really say that anyone called “Sir” is wrong?) we know that the “action” in this case is that the shower door came off and ended up in the tub. You must now use your gifts of deduction and scientific reasoning to determine what the “reaction” was at the AtwoodZoo.

I will give you several options to choose from and you just need to choose the one that you think was our reaction:

  1. Madison apologized for inadvertently knocking the door off it’s hinges.
  2. I went all Tool Time and began to determine how I could fix the door given that I have exactly two rusted screwdrivers and a pack of gum in my tool box.
  3. We thought “ewwww… what is all that nasty funk on the bottom of the door?”
  4. The Beautiful Bride immediately decided that this was the right time to remodel the whole bathroom and tried to fgure out where to begin demolition of the shower.
  5. I began to image what a gloriously loud noise it would make if I chunked that glass and metal door into the dumpster at dump.
  6. “Shower door…we don’t need no stinkin’ shower door.”
  7. Madison went all hardcore Calvinist and said “I don’t think I’m supposed to take a shower tonight.”
  8. I ate four small Reese’s cups from one of the girls Halloween bags as I stared at the door and tried to figure out “Now if it has a hard pin-like thing on the top and a hard pin-like thing on the bottom, how is it ever gonna get back in where it is supposed to go.
So which one was it? Which of those is the “reaction” to the “action” of the shower door in the tub?
HA! It was a trick question. Last night we disproved Newton’s Third Law of Motion, because every one of those “reactions” happened in response to the “action.”
Wonder if I can get this published in any scientific journal?

Tuesday Haiku – Round Two – Kardashian edition

A few weeks ago I wrote the following Haiku about the Kardashian’s…

In honor of my favorite quote of the year about Kim Kardashian wanting to be a“respected celebrity” – here is the Tuesday Haiku – Kim Kardashian edition


Vain. Vainer. Vainest.

Reality show ’bout what?

Cotton candy fame.


GIven the tragic news about the untimely and completely unexpected demise of this union, I have a new Tuesday Haiku – Kardashian divorce edition.


Kim – your show…err “love?”

Thought ’twas one for the ages…

Yet canned in 10 weeks.