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Put me in Coach, I’m ready to play.

ImageMadison had been looking forward to this day for weeks.

She and her friends had been practicing and preparing, working on their kicking and their catching and a “special way to get to the gym.”

She was as excited as can be.

And because she was excited, I was excited.

But I was nervous too.

Because so many thins could go wrong.

She could get nervous and not want to play.

She could get overwhelmed by the noise and the kids and the everything else.

She could have a bad seizure.

She could run up to kick the ball and miss and fall down. 

And kids could laugh at her.


She could step up to the plate, check things out, catch her breath, look to her “Best Buddy” standing to her side, and then run up, kick the ball and hustle down to first base. With a smile as big as can be.

That’s my girl.