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Tuesday Haiku -Tim Tebow edition

I’m sick of all the fussing about Tim Tebow and the fixation on his faith. At the end of the day, a quarterback is suppose to lead his team to victory. That is what he is doing.


Style points don’t count.

Who’d you rather lead your team?

Ndamukong Suh?


Tuesday Haiku – Round Two – Kardashian edition

A few weeks ago I wrote the following Haiku about the Kardashian’s…

In honor of my favorite quote of the year about Kim Kardashian wanting to be a“respected celebrity” – here is the Tuesday Haiku – Kim Kardashian edition


Vain. Vainer. Vainest.

Reality show ’bout what?

Cotton candy fame.


GIven the tragic news about the untimely and completely unexpected demise of this union, I have a new Tuesday Haiku – Kardashian divorce edition.


Kim – your show…err “love?”

Thought ’twas one for the ages…

Yet canned in 10 weeks.

Tuesday Haiku – reflection on Halloween costumes

Thoughts about all the Halloween costumes from last night.

See the new costumes.

Slut witch. Slut nurse. Slut princess.

Can you see the trend?

Why does it seem that nearly every costume has to have some sort of “slut factor” involved?

Tuesday Haiku – NBA strike

In honor of the recent cancellation of the first two weeks of the NBA season…

Oh no, what to do?
No NBA. Life’s over.
Oh wait, no one cares.

Tuesday Haiku

Back by (not so) popular demand

Tuesday Haiku – Summer Camp Suitcase

Stuffed inside the bag.

Soggy, stinky, crunchy  mess.

Hey, is that a snake?