Because Dogs eat vomit and month old French fries

I like dogs.

I am a “Dog Person.” (Whatever that means.)

I am NOT a Cat Person. (No definition needed here…)

We have two dogs at the AtwoodZoo. We have Boomer the curly-brown-haired-Muppet-looking amazing dog. And we have Charlie.

Charlie is not Boomer.

And he is certainly not amazing.

Charlie is a dog The Beautiful Bride and the girls rescued from Happi-Tales. I have wanted to “Un-Rescue” him any number of times since he came home.

When we got Charlie, he was basically bald. He had a little bit of hair on his head and a straggle of shaggy matted fuzz on the end of his tail. In between he was naked. He was a dog version of a Q-Tip. Yet for some crazy reason, the girls wanted stinky, nasty, mean, greasy Charlie to come live in our home. To show you how funky Charlie was picture this, we named him Charlie because he reminded us of the pitiful Christmas Tree in “Charlie Brown Christmas.”

And just like in the show, the pitiful one found a home.

Our home. Where Boomer the Awesome Dog reigned the palace and exuded love and happiness with every breath he took.

Charlie, on the other hand, peed on the floor.

And in spite of my many misgivings, I have however, found Charlie useful for two key tasks.

He is awesome at cleaning out the car. Every couple of weeks I put him in the backseat where the girls have eaten a fair amount of “I need to eat something while I go from here to there” meals. And as kids, will do, a fair amount of that food ends up on the floor or between the seats or stuffed in the cushions.

This is where Charlie comes in.

We are not exactly sure what kind of dog he is. He is one of those “All of the above” kind of dogs. And I think that part of the “All of the above” is anteater. Because he has a proportionately GIANT tongue.  I am talking freakishly long. He can sniff out food no matter how old or decrepit, jam that monstrous tongue into any crook, cranny, or crevice in the car, and pull back a month-old chicken tender and a mouthful of mostly fossilized French fries.  It is amazing what kind of food particles he can find.

And because of this unique and frankly very helpful skill that he has become tolerable.

He has one other important trait that makes him acceptable.

See Boomer has a bit of a sensitive stomach.

And as a result he tends to….well…re-share his food.

All Charlie has to hear is Boomer start to hack a bit and he is a like a heat-seeking missle moving throughout th house looking for his best friend Boomer.

Charlie is not a dumb dog. He is a funky, often nasty dog, but he is not a dumb dog.

Because he knows that when he finds Boomer, his reward is even better than what he finds in the car, for now the hand-me-down-food is pre-heated.

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  1. I so enjoy reading your blogs! So nice to get such a candid glimpse into your life!

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