3:00 am in the morning

Tomorrow our sweet Mary McClane will be 13. My BABY will be a teenager.

Which means tomorrow I will have daughters aged 13, 14, and 15 at my house. Let that sink in for a moment in you will…

While all three of the girls are completely unique and amazing in their own ways, they have one distinct similarity.

They were all born at (or within a few minutes) 3:00 am in the morning.

3:00 am in the morning!!!

Really…what are the odds that all three would be born in the exact middle of the night? Even from the very first moment they were here on Earth, they were keeping me up, worried to death.

So at our house, it wasn’t just the crying baby that kept us up, it was the whiny, tired Daddy too.

And while the babies have (sadly) grown up, I am afraid that as the daddy gets older, he is just as cranky and fussy as ever.

Must be all the sleepless nights…


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