A thousand reasons I am glad I am not a single parent

This morning The Beautiful Bride leaves for the Dallas market. She will be there till late on Sunday. Between this trip and the one to Atlanta last week, she will end up being gone for 10 of 12 days.  While it is a rough stretch for all involved, it is certainly survivable.

That said; I cannot imagine being a single parent. I mean, there are like  a thousand reasons I am glad I am not a single parent.

Between getting everybody up and fed and lunches made and out the door to two different schools, then to the office, cut out early to grab the girls, then home and homework and dinner and showers and laundry and feed the dogs and “do we have groceries?” and “I need $27 for a school trip” and “I left my ___ at school” and then do a little bit of email because I left the office early and take the garbage out and pick up Madison’s medicine and “oh crud, she has a doctor’s appointment tomorrow” and “I need to get this project done at work” and “I need to get this project done for biology class” and clean the stuff up off the floor and “Did anyone feed the dogs” to “Can you cut the crust off my sandwich” or “Madison’s having a seizure?  to “Are my PE clothes clean?” and then you run out of time for homework and you run out of time for work work to “Did I ever tell the girls I love them today” to “It’s time for bed, c’mon” then five minutes later it’s “No really, turn that off it’s time for bed” to toss and turn and think about what did not get done to “I really need to get on the treadmill in the morning but I really need to get 30 minutes more sleep when will it ever end…” oh never…

We will make it through the next five days.

Not whining, really.

Because I know that at the end of the five days The Beautiful Bride is coming home and all will be well.

But for so many parents in this world, there is no one coming home in five days, and I am pretty sure that all is not well.

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  1. 3 more days, baby…..Love, The Beautiful Bride

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