Because Tebow can’t throw and Toby Mac can’t sing…

I was going through an old Moleskin last night and came across the following quote. I have no idea who originally said or wrote it. Would love for it to have been me, but I am pretty sure that it wasn’t.

“Where God will choose to lead you and how God chooses to use you cannot be predicted by how God has worked in the past lives of others.”

So, have you heard of this guy named Tim Tebow? Seems he is getting a bit of coverage these days.

You’ve got the people who hate him. For a lot of reasons.

And you’ve the people who love him. For a lot of reasons.

But here’s the thing that puzzles me. For a guy who plays quarterback he just simply can’t really throw the ball. And that’s the price of entrance to be an NFL quarterback.

You have to be able to throw the ball.

Really well.

And he can’t…at least consistently.

Oh, he did some on Sunday which was great, because I am NOT a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers, but the week before he couldn’t throw the ball to save his life. And so some people are stroking out about “How can he be a quarterback if he can’t throw the ball?” and others are going crazy about “Why does he say all those things about what he believes?” and others are torn up about all the attention he’s getting because one of the first two.

But here’s what I think…

Who cares…

Let me be clear. I don’t think that God orchestrates football games. I don’t think that God made Tim Tebow throw for 316 yards on Sunday. (I don’t think that God is nearly that cheesy.) I don’t think that God really needs a football game to do anything.

But I do think that God has Tim Tebow in a special place.

And I don’t know what that is.

Because the irony is that he really can’t do one of the things that you are really supposed to be able to do to be a quarterback. He can’t throw.

So how can he be getting all this attention…

Here’s what I think.

Because God wants him to.

That’s all…

Here’s another example.

Toby Mac.

Here’s a huge pop star who has sold a zillion records.

But here’s thing…Toby Mac really is not a very good singer. He makes great music and he has a great heart, but let’s be honest…he really can’t sing…He can rap like crazy and makes amazing music, but as as singer, not so much…So HOW can he be a pop star?

It doesn’t matter. He just is.

Or take Moses from the Bible. He couldn’t talk very well. Yet he was the guy that God chose to lead the people out of Egypt and comunicate some of the most importnat truths ever communicated.

How did he do it?

I don’t know. And frankly I don’t care.

I just know that sometimes God chooses to use people in different ways at different times for different reasons. And you can’t ever look at the people of the past (or present) and think “it can’t or won’t be done.”

He uses quarterbacks who can’t throw.

And singers who can’t sing.

And speakers who can’t speak.

What is He going to use you to do that you really can’t do?

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  1. Thanks for sharing and God bless you. I wrote a piece on Tim about two months ago:

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