I like taking the trash out. (How I discovered that I am an “Anti-Hoarder”)

I like taking the trash out.

Is that weird?

Cause I do.

Of all the “dad” jobs that I do, like cutting the grass or squashing bugs or changing the oil in the car driving the cars to the place where real men actually change the oil, perhaps my favorite “dad” job is taking out the trash.

I actually like going room to room, and gathering up all the trash and putting in the big trash bag and taking it to the trash can out by the garage.

Sometimes it seems like when I get all the stuff out of the house, the house seems bigger, and maybe a bit lighter, because all the trash is gone.

I’m not sure why this is so enjoyable, and frankly as I write it down, it seems more than just a bit odd.

I took the whole thing to a new level over the last couple of weeks when I invented a new game related to taking out the trash.

The game was called “See How Many Bags of Stuff Daddy Can Take Out of the House Without Anyone Noticing That Anything is Gone.” I think I had a total of 15 bags of stuff removed room our house over the vacation. And this is not just kitchen trash stuff, this is stuff that had a place somewhere in a closet, drawer, garage, or other room in the house. And it was once there, but it is not there now.

Maybe I have just discovered that I am an “Anti-Hoarder.” And even better, maybe I could get TV show where in every episode I pop into people’s homes, and over the course of a couple of hours, I remove stuff from their house and see if they notice what I am taking.

I would watch that show…



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  1. …but you didn’t take any of my stuff right…? heh heh… right?

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