What I think Mary and Joseph were thinking two days after Jesus was born.

In our 21st century world, babies typically come home from the hospital two days after they are born, and “Real Life” begins.

I wonder what “Real Life” was for Mary and Joseph two days after Jesus was born.

Here’s how I imagine a conversation between them could have gone:

Mary                     Do we have any more diapers?

Joseph                  (waking up from sleeping) Huh….

Mary                     Joseph, look at me, do we have any more diapers?

Joseph                  Why do we need….? (yawning) Oh yeah…No, I’ll run  right out to the… (snores)

Mary                     (nudging him) Joe…shhh, you’ll wake Jesus.

Joseph                  (sitting up) I’m here for the census with my betrothed Mary….

Mary                     Shhh…you were dreaming again…

Joseph                  Sorry…Ok…what did you need?

Mary                     Diapers.

Joseph                  Uhm… anything else?

Mary                     Can you believe we’re doing this?

Joseph                  What? Sleeping in a barn? I told you I was sorry about not making a reservation.

Mary                     No. (pointing to Jesus) Him.

Joseph                  No, I can’t…

Mary                     What’s wrong?

Joseph                  Oh nothing, I’m just tired. I mean I’ve heard from everybody about “you are going to be so tired and he baby won’t sleep and on and on…” But              seriously….really, I think we have to more tired than anyone, because you know how Barnabus and what’s her name…

Mary                     Bethany…

Joseph                  Oh yeah…Bethany…remember how Barnabus was just one and on about “when little Eli was born, he was so cute but all the family just kept coming by and we got no sleep at all… And so I’m like really…FAMILY coming by is the big distraction…why don’t you try out woken up angels, and then just as we were finally getting Jesus to sleep here come all these shepherds…man those guys smelled like…sheep…

Mary                     I get it, you’re tired….I’m tired too. But just look at Him. Isn’t He the most amazing thing?

Joseph                  Sure, but here’s the thing…what part is God and what part is man? Because all I see so far is eat, poop, sleep, cry, at, poop, sleep, cry…

Mary                    Well what do you expect, He’s a baby.

Joseph                 You had the dream too. He’s also God’s son. Maybe he could just be more God-like instead of baby-like?

Mary                   Go get the diapers

Joseph                I’m just saying….

Mary                    But we do need some diapers.

Joseph                  Got it, you would have through that maybe the angels could have planned ahead and brought some. When you go see a baby aren’t you supposed to bring a gift.

Mary                     Well, maybe some day someone will bring Him something, but we are His parents.

Joseph                  Ok, I’ll be back in a minute….

Joseph leaves…


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  1. Too funny! I was just telling Caron yesterday that I remember coming home and asking myself “what now?” I wonder if Mary and Joseph thought the same thing?

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