We just used the best gift we hoped to never use

2011 brought our family some new very dear friends.

Jay, Adrienne and Baby Jack have quickly become special friends and we are so thankful for them.

Last night I was thankful for the Christmas gift they brought us last weekend. Jay is firefighter, or paramedic or EMT or whatever the right and appropriate terms is. Simply, he is a guy that goes and saves people’s lives. (And he grows the best honey in Tennessee, but that is another matter…)

Ever since I have known Jay, he has been “encouraging” me to get an oxygen tank to have around the house to use whenever Madison has a seizure. And being the good dad that I did.


I waited.

And Jay would ask again…”have you got that O2 tank for Madison. I think it would really help her after she has a seizure.” So I said “Yeah that’s a good idea…” and did nothing.

So being the good dad that he is, Jay did something. On Sunday afternoon, Jay, Adrienne, and Baby Jack came to the house and brought Madison her very own oxygen tank specially decorated with Dora stickers and ribbons and butterflies. (And since Jay is a trained professional, he also brought along a spare tank, appropriately decorated as well AND trained us how to use the super cool tank.)

The general consensus was that “this is the best gift we hope to we never have to use.”

Then last night, in the middle of the big Christmas party that Macie and McKenzie were hosting Madison had a really bad seizure. And we pulled out the specially decorated oxygen tank and gave Madison some of her very own oxygen.

And she came back from the seizure much quicker than normal, just like my friend Jay said.

So now the oxygen tank has moved from “this is the best gift we hope to we never have to use” category  to the  “I sure am glad that we had the best gift we never hoped to use” category.

And we more thankful than ever for Jay, and Adrienne, and Baby Jack.


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