None of these things is like the other

We finished putting up our Christmas tree last night.

It has been a three day process this time. One day to set up the tree and get al the limbs straightened. (We are an artificial tree family. We were a “Griswold Family Adventure tree kind of family” as a kid where would all head out in the family truckster to a tree farm and hunt one down out in the woods and bring it back on the top of the car…Now we are a “head up to the attic and uncover the tree and drag it downstairs kind of family.”) A second day to get al the lights put on, and then yesterday, on the third day, we got down to the decorating.

I love the decorating.

Kenzie put on a Christmas songs channel on Pandora (Note to Pandora – how does “Hey Jude” end up on the Christmas songs channel?”) and off we went.

We do not decorate our Christmas tree like the ones at the mall or in people’s fancy homes. Ours is the complete opposite. There is not one matching ornament on the whole tree. Everything is something one of the girls made or a gift from a friend or an ornament we got while traveling. The whole tree is a travelogue or scrapbook of the adventure form the past 19 years.

I think I like the tree so much because I think it is f a metaphor for our family.

Messy, crazy, and a bit disheveled but beautiful in its own unique way.


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