Smells Like Teen Spirit

Walked through a mall today and passed in front of a “Hollister” store.

This land of the “Hollister” is foreign to me. Inhabited by tightly clad teen-aged people, slowly circling one another, smiling, giggling, opening and closing their cell phones, and acting all “whatever…”

But as I passed by the store, I noticed one of the employees standing on a chair squirting some sort of perfume into these little fans on either side of the store entrance.

And it dawned on me, no wonder these oddly-attired people of the land of “Hollister” are so drawn to the store. It’s the mating smell of the land of the Hollister, propelled by fans into the unsuspecting world. It’s inescapable. Undeniable. Impenetrable.

This “Hollister” scent must be some sort of pheromone, designed to lure people of the opposite sex. I did not dare stop to ask for fear that I would be lured into the strange (and smelly) land, but I would guess that they periodically put in smells to draw both species of the “Hollister” people.

To ensnare the unsuspecting, drawing them into the store.

Like a summer time fly drawn to the blue light and then ZAP.

So it is with those of the “Hollister” tribe, drawn in by the alluring smell and then ZAP! No escape.

Is there no pity…?


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  1. When we were newlyweds and Jake was still on tour, he worked at Hollister part time whenever he was home. I always made him shower as soon as he got home from work because he reaked of the Hollister smell! Every time we walk by that store in the mall we always smile at each other and quicken our pace to hurry past the doors!

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