Just Show Up

I am not a “You Can Do It” motivational poster of an eagle circling around a lighthouse on top of a foggy mountain while guys run laps on the top beacon kind of guy.

I am a simple guy and I try to give the girls simple, but more than just bite-sized pieces of information or inspiration.

I have one exception.

Just show up.

That’s it.

Just show up.

Pretty simple huh?

Cause here’s the thing, you are not always going to be the smartest person or the most talented candidate or have the right “connections” or any of those things all the time. But if you give the effort, show you’re committed to the project or the job or the show or the whatever, I promise you that if you “show up,” if you make yourself available, you will be in a position to succeed.

We saw this first hand (again, not that I’m bragging, but I’m just saying…) recently with a show that McKenzie was working on. She is a freshman in high school and has previously had a bunch of leading roles in shows in middle school.

But this is high school.

The big leagues.

She has moved from AAA to “The Show.” So she auditioned for the show and, not unexpectedly, was not cast. But instead of thinking  “What are they thinking, bI was totally awesome last year and I can’t believe they are not making me the Queen of The Universe and write a show just for me.”

She just showed up.

She signed up to be on the crew.

And she helped build sets.

And when it came close to opening night, there was a situation with the show, and because she had “showed up” at all the rehearsals and preparation meetings she went on and became the star of the show! Ta-da!!!!!!!!!

No, that’s not true.

But it would have really tied a nice bow on the story, huh???

No actually, because she had been around the rehearsals some, the director asked her to run the light board. This is something she had never done before, but I think she had a great time doing it.

And she got the opportunity to do this because she showed up.

Here’s the thing. This “Just Show Up” thing is not (sadly because I could make some awesome T-Shirts and inspirational posters for it) my idea. It’s from the Bible. All throughout the Bible God gives people opportunity because they followed Him.  Moses showed up when God called and he led the people of Israel to freedom. The early disciples just showed up when Jesus called them and they helped to change the course of history. David showed up when God called him to fight Goliath.

Just show up.

We are not always (frankly hardly ever…) going to have the final result of our initial actions. McKenzie did not know that she would get a really cool opportunity with the show because she initially just showed up.

But she did.

So you can’t worry about the “What’s gonna happen if and when and how…”

You can only be concerned about your willingness to show up.

And so my question today is this, “What or where is God asking you to show up” so that He can use you in a way that could never imagine?


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  1. Best advice ever!

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