What I learned listening to SiriusXM – Day 3

Wow, now that was different. Today was the “40’s on 4.” and it was a lot more than 70 years different, it was like 70 generations different from what’s listened to yesterday.

Here are the key things I learned today listening to SiriusXM:

1. They LOVED the clarinet in the ’40’s. Feels like there was a clarinet on every song. I could listen to channel 2 or 3 for seventy years and not hear one clarinet. You can’t listen to the ’40’s for 70 seconds without hearing one.

2. The Four Lads may have been the original boy band.

3. The songs were no “deeper” than the music of today.

4. However there was MUCH more emotion.

5. I think it must have been much harder recording music back then, what without out all the overdubs and such technology.

6. There were a lot of Dorsey’s making music back then. Sort of like the Jackson’s of the 1980’s ( without I assume, all the incumbent insanity…)

7. It was weird to think that I was listening to music through technology that these musicians had no idea would ever exist. “what…music in cars?”

The whole thing just seemed more “real” to me than the music of today.

Does that mean I have refined taste,or I am just getting old?


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