The four coat nursery

We went old school back when the girls were born. (of course given the age of the girls, I guess we didn’t go old school, we were old school.)

And by old school, I mean we didn’t have one of those gender reveal parties that are so popular with the young people these days. We just said “we’ll find out when the baby is born if it’s boy, girl, (or as Madison wanted when Macie was born…) puppy.

So we did not have one of those super-themed nursery’s. We just had some simple bedding, and the Beautiful Bride said “paint the walls white.” I am NOT a good painter, but I am more cheap than I am bad painter, so I said “yes ma’am” and headed off to Home Depot.

A gallon of flat white for the walls, a gallon of super gloss white for the trim, a fistful of brushes, and an Earth, Wind & Fire CD and I was good to go.

Since the Beautiful Bride was great with child, I shut the door to keep any fumes away from her and my yet as unidentified offspring and began to paint.

And I painted a wall.

Then I painted a second wall.

And a third, then just as i got ready to do wall number four, I began to feel a little funny, so I opened the window for some fresh air.

Frankly, I don’t remember much about the fourth wall. I suspect that people at Woodstock had a better grip on reality than I did at that point. The paint fumes had gotten the best of me. Somehow I finished, I think, and crawled out to the den where the Beautiful Bride was getting some rest. I sprawled on the floor, my face as white as the newly painted walls.

“Go see. It’s done. I think. Or maybe I’m just a Grateful Dead concert and I think I’ve been painting a baby’s room.

So she hopped up to see the room in all it’s freshly painted glory. When she came back she said, “umm…honey…I think we have a problem. You painted the walls with the super gloss oil-based trim paint which is why it smelled so bad. And now sweet Pookie’s room is as bright as the surface of the sun. We can’t put a baby I there, the bright light would burn his or her retina’s. You don’t want to blind your child do you honey?”

She was right. The nursery was a whiter white than new fallen snow in a meadow lit up by a thousand million stadium lights.

So I had to reprint it. The only problem is, as i discovered is you can’t put flat latex paint on top of oil paint. You have to prime it. Twice.

And then repaint.

Which I did.

So four coats later the room was done, and it was beautiful.

The only problem was that the furniture didn’t fit because room was so much smaller since the walls now had about a foot and a half of paint on them.


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