What I learned listening to SiriusXM today

A friend told me he recently cancelled his satellite radio in the car because he never listened to more than about three different channels.

“How many channels to do you listen to?” he said.


The truth is I listened to about five.

And paid for a zillion.

So for a while (until I get bored with this little experiment) I am going to listen to just one channel per day. I’m starting at the beginning and will move one spot up the dial everyday. I will try to share some thoughts everyday based on what I heard that day.

I started with Channel 2 today – “Hits 1.”

  1. If the hit music of today is any indicator, this world is a boatload of trouble.
  2. Why does every song need to have about six artists on it? “And now, here is the latest single from Pitbull, Neyo, Nya, Doorknob and Slingbox.”
  3.  “I’m in love with a Criminal” by Britney Spears  is horrific on many levels.
  4. The boys from Hot Chelle Rae have got some groove.
  5. If you have to call your song a “Party Rock Anthem,” is it really a “Party Rock Anthem?”
  6. Why is Channel 2 called “Hits1?” Shouldn’t they have named it “Hits2” or just put it on Channel 1?
Tomorrow, Channel 3…

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  1. I’m totally tracking with you. I only listened to ESPN and the NASCAR channel. Had to drop it cause of that.

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