Thoughts while sitting in the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital surgery waiting room

Sitting here in the waiting room, watching a bunch of kids who are about to have surgery playing like a bunch of kids who have no idea they are about to have surgery.

Some thoughts from the morning:

1. To the lady who named her child “Renegade.” How can that ever end well for your son?
2. Even now, It is always a bit awkward to explain to people about Madison’s challenges. People tend to be uncomfortable. It’s ok, she’s cool.
3. I am thankful for my place in life, cause there appear to be some really goofy family dynamics around here.
4. The hospital socks they gave Madison are yellow. I am thankful for that. (she wanted to know if she could take them home…)
5. I am always nervous when she is nervous. And she was very nervous this morning.
6. I am thankful for friends who love us.
7. Vanderbilt is like dark chocolate to me. Both bitter and sweet. And while I am glad to have it sometimes, I do not need very much of it.
8. Chairs is hospital waiting rooms are uncomfortable.
9. I am a rebel. I brought coffee into the “please no food or drink” waiting room. Waiting for the Vandy police to haul me off.
10. Madison wants ice cream after surgery. I may buy a Baskin-Robbins this afternoon.
11. There are (rightfully) some desperate parents in this building. I pray for peace for them and healing for their kids.
12. Hospital cafeteria food is funky.
13. Why is it taking so long?

Still waiting…


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  1. Cynthia Floyd Manley

    First, an introduction. I am a member of the social media team at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. of which Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital is a part.

    I loved you post and just had to comment. First, sorry about the wait … and the funky food … and the chairs. Second, REALY hope you got away with the coffee (I love my coffee). Third, glad Madison liked the socks. Fourth, I love #7. May I share it (no name attached) on the Children’s Hospital Facebook page? Or better yet, would you want to do that? I’ll bet a lot of families would relate to it. In fact, we ought to make it a bumper sticker.

    Hugs to you and Madison.

    • Cynthia- glad for you to use it.

      As background, Madison is now 15 and we began our journey with VUMC when she was 6 months old. She had bacterial meningitis and has significant brain injury, seizures ever since,

      we are huge fans of the Children’s Hospital, Dr. Greg Barnes, Dr. Matt Pearson, etc…

      thanks for checking in

  2. Good one, I feel like we are brothers in a couple of different ways. Not only in Christ, but also in Vanderbilt Frequent Visitors. Funny, I can relate to every one of those thoughts. Praying for good results. God is good, I love him so…

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