Day Three Observations from DisneyWorld

Well, we’re three days into Disney and still speaking. Course it Is only 60% of our family. But still pretty impressive.

Thoughts from our journey today:

1. There are a LOT of men wearing capri’s. A LOT. I don’t get it.
2. The young actress who played “Casey” in the Disney Junior show at Disney Hollywood Studio’s this morning was so kind to Madison. She remembered her from earlier visits. Very special.
3. Hearing Madison belly laugh is the best sound ever.
5. Taking a shower at the end of a day at a theme park is like an archeological dig. Because you uncover layers. A layer of dirt covered by a layer of sweat covered by a layer of sweat covered by a layer of ice cream, etc., etc.,
6. The Muppet Movie at Hollywood Studios is still awesome. (but maybe time for an update?)
7. I love finding wheelchairs in the parking lot. Because if I get a “free” one (not paying the $12/day) I think I am “sticking it to the man.” am I cheap or what…
8. Hey lady who was in charge of Pinocchio, would it really have upset the balance of the Disney universe if he had stuck around 30 seconds and let Madison give him a picture?
9. We only eat Golden Oreo’s when we are on vacation.
10.Disney is incredible with merchandise, I thought at least twice “yeah, I’d wear Mickey mouse ears at home sometime…”

Great, great times.

You cannot invest enough in memories with your kids,


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  1. What are these Golden Oreos you speak off? The only TRUE Oreo is chocolate!

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