Day One observations from DisneyWorld

Today was Day One of our “pay no attention to the surgery Madison is having on Friday but hopefully it will help stop her seizure” trip for Madison, The Beautiful Bride, and me.

Some of my observations from today.

1. Way too many wear tank tops.
2. We are likely the only ones speaking American at DisneyWorld this weekend.
3. Seizures, even at the happiest place on Earth, are not any happier than normal.
4. The staff at Disney and the Nick Hotel are amazingly Lind to kids with special needs.
5. Meeko the raccoon, character from Pocahontas at Animal Kingdom today, will go down as a member of the AtwoodZoo Awesome Hall of Fame.
6. Potato chips and chocolate milk count as dinner on vacation.
7. The Mickey Mouse ice cream bars are still incredible.
8. I should have gotten into the electric scooter business years ago. Everyone has one down here. There should be special HOV lanes for scooters with two or more people sitting on them.
9. Adults should not get face painted. It is not cute not adorable. It’s just creepy.
10. I think I will eat two of the Mickey Mouse ice cream bars tomorrow.

So glad I can spend this time with Annette and Madison. And glad that Macie and Kenzie understand that sometimes we just do things like this with Madison.


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