It’s a world of laughter…

Tomorrow morning The Beautiful Bride, Madison, and I will head off the DisneyWorld for a few days. On Friday of next week, Madison will have surgery to replace her Vagal Nerve Stimulator, the device that has been helpful in controlling her seizures. The battery has, as expected, died after several years and so now it is time to replace. As a result, she has been having lots of seizures, so we are all ready to get this surgery done.

We thought that it would be a good time to take Madison down to her favorite place on Earth, in advance of the un-fun that lies ahead.

One of Madison’s (and mine) favorite parts of our trips to Disney and stays at the Nick Hotel is in meeting “the friends.” The “friends” are all the characters at the hotel. We will wait in line for hours to  see them, get her autograph book signed, and give them a gift. Last time she and I were there we met over 70 friends and had them all sign our book. Madison also makes a picture for every one of the friends and presents it to them before they sign her book and take a picture. (She spends hours and hours and hours before every trip cutting out pictures of her favorite things and then gluing them to a piece of paper. A friend of mine once said they look like hostage notes…”Hey Snow White, if you ever want to see the Dwarves again, you’ll sign this book…”)

She finds tremendous joy in giving the gifts and knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that all the friends take them to their “houses.”

I am sure they do.

The highlight in passing out her pictures is the high honor Madison gets in putting Dora’s picture inside her backpack.

I am so thankful for the kindness, generosity, and patience that all the “friends” at Disney and Nick Hotel show Madison.


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