The top 5 reasons I am cooler than Justin Beiber

So it seems that the better part of middle Tennessee went into full on squeal mode last night when Justin Beiber (and OMG Selena Gomez) showed up to shoot a video.

Now, let’s be clear. The Biebs is cool. The Biebs is totally awesome. The Biebs is the bomb. But here’s the thing…what makes him so much cooler than me?

In my humble opinion, not much.

And so here are the reasons I am actually totally way cooler than The Biebs:

1. I use my whole name. I am not the ‘Twood or the ‘eff. (not that those are not totally cool.)
2. I also have teenage girls screaming my name all the time. “Dad, I need some money.” or “Dad, are you wearing those pants?”
3. I wear jeans made for guys.
4. My hair is not in my eyes. (mostly because I do not have enough hair left to get in my eyes, but that is not the point.)
5. I have stopped traffic in downtown Frankin before too. When I had a flat tire.

So there you, pretty compelling isn’t it…


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  1. Ok, Dad… We need to have a talk… See, I’m past being ten and all, this talk is about boys… One boy in specific… JUSTIN BEIBER! Now, I have something to say about each of your points… 🙂
    1. Fans gave him that name, not himself!
    2. Speaking of money and pants, there were these really cool ones at the mall…
    3. Justin Beiber is too cool for the average jeans!
    4. He got a hair cut, it’s not in his eyes (sold his hair for charity!)
    5. Well… Yes, I guess you have

    I love you Daddy!

  2. Love your posts. Keep writing. And…loved the comment from the daughter.

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