Eating Sugar Wafers with my Grandpa

I really, really like sugar wafers.

I have liked them since I was a kid.

They are a simple cookie, a bit of creamy filling covered by two crunchy artificially colored wafers.

I started eating them when I was a kid, mostly I think, because my Grandpa Atwood always ate them.

My Grandpa and Grandma Atwood lived on a small farm not far from where the paved road ends in Birmingham, Iowa. I have a thousand and one memories of that farm and my grandparents. I loved how my Grandpa would take me to do chores or let me “drive” the tractor. My Grandma would walk us out to the chicken coop for eggs or to the garden to gather some potatoes or beans. To this day I sleep on a pillow she made. It is  filled with feathers from the chickens who also gave us the eggs for breakfast.

As I look back now, I am pretty sure that Grandpa and Grandma Atwood did not have much money. They lived on what the handful of hilly (for southeast Iowa) acres could give them, and bought the rest at the “Country Store” in downtown Birmingham.

I am pretty sure this is where my Grandpa got his sugar wafers.

He always had a pack of the of cookies – they came in three colors, red, yellow, and brown. I was not a big fan of the red, but loved the yellow and brown. I remember my Grandpa sitting in his old rocking chair, next to the window in the kitchen. Sometimes we would get a bowl of butter brickle ice cream and a Pepsi and  just sit quietly and enjoy our snack.

And he would share his sugar wafers with me.

I loved sugar wafers.

But I wonder now if I loved the cookies, or if I really just loved sharing the cookies with my Grandpa?



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