Now THIS is sacrificial love…

How do you define “sacrificial love?” I know the obvious, so don’t pull a Jesus Juke.

But what examples of sacrificial love have you seen over the last few weeks?


Takes a minute to come up with one doesn’t it?

Not for me. (course, you sorta had to guess it was a loaded question since I was the one asking the question…)

I saw one of the clearest, most honest expressions of love I have seen in months on Saturday. Our oldest daughter Madison is a freshman in high school She spends the majority of her day with her peers in the special ed department. As a result she does not have many “typical” friends.  Sure there are some kids who wave a bit awkwardly in the hall when Madison stops to look at them, and there are some who do a half-hearted “Hi there Madison, how’s it going?”

It’s not those kids’ fault they are not comfortable with her, just a reality of the situation.

Oh, but then there’s Reagan…

Reagan has been a friend to Madison since early in elementary school. She has been to a bunch of  Chuckie Cheese birthday party’s (even this year when it was not really cool for 15-year-old kids to have a party there)  and will say a whole-hearted “Hi” in the hallway at school, or come up to give her a hug at the soccer field when one of her sister’s has a game.

But she took her game to a whole new level this past weekend. Because this past Saturday Madison called and invited Reagan to come over and play.

And Reagan came over and spent the afternoon playing with Madison. Three hours of just doing the things Madison wanted to do. Like play Dora the Explorer on the Wii, or spreading out all the Lego’s, or maybe just working a 100-piece puzzle.

She even drank juice out of the little bottle that Madison got out for her.

Did you get that?

A high school kid.

For Three hours.

On a Saturday afternoon.

That is like pure gold to a high school kid.

And she willingly gave it up to play Littlest Pet Shop with Madison.




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  1. Donna--Reagan's mom

    The thing is Jeff, Reagan never feels like she is making a sacrifice–she loves playing with Madison! Thank you so much for the kind words.

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