Hi, I am NOT Mr. Fix-it.

I have lots of friends who are “handy.”  That is, they are just this side of MacGyver when it comes to fixing stuff around the house. Give them a toothbrush, some olive oil, and Duct Tape and they can send a man to the moon. Give me the same things and I can send a man to the ER,

And frankly, I am more than a little bit jealous about this. Cause sometimes The Beautiful Bride and I have a conversation like:

“Did you hear that (insert friend’s name here) husband re-did the kitchen/rebuilt the transmission/re-roofed the house last weekend?

To which I reply, “Yeah well, I changed a light bulb. With the new ‘green’ kind, so I kissed the planet…how about that.”

 “That’s nice honey…”


At which point I sulk off to the garage, and then call back to the house, “Hey do you know where my tools are?”

That’s not to say that I have not fixed things.

Cause I have.

Just this weekend, I fixed the ice maker on the refrigerator. I discovered there was  a puddle of water on the floor and, without any additional help I might add, determined that something was wrong.

So I pulled the refrigerator our from the wall, without any additional help I might add, and through my vast experience I determined that there was a leak.

And I fixed it.

BOOM! Just like that. No more water on the floor.

And how did I do that, you might ask?

Blow torch? Replace the gasket? New Fetzer Valve?

Nope, I did it my way.

By turning off the water.

So there, take that Mr. Bob Villa handyman kind of guy who lives down the street.

I fixed the leak.

Sort of.

Any idea what you do next?

(and if you come over to help, could you bring some ice cubes, we’re all out.)



Posted on September 15, 2011, in Dad stuff and tagged , , . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. I can totally relate to this!

  2. I’m more MacGruber than MacGyver.

    Wife has gotten crafty. Unfortunately, I’ve been roped into this as well. Now I have to drill holes in the wall and level stuff (fortunately there is an app for that.) I watched Dad more than I got to participate in making.

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