Sometimes babies cry…

We have lots of (younger) friends having first baby’s now. And when I see them all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, with perfectly appointed nursery’s and clean carpet and wide-open weekends I think back to the day when we brought Madison baclk from the hospital.

(Cue the “go back in time” wavy lines…)

Madison was a great hospital baby. Sweet and lovely and sleepy and quiet. And we were blissful and doting and perhaps a bit “we’ve got thins thing covered because we have read all the parenting books” smug.

So we packed the car and headed for home on a sunny spring day. Madison slept in he rcar seat, the Beautiful Bride was extra beautiful, and I cussed all the cars that were recklessly driving more than 40 miles per hour on the freeway. We arrived home, unloaded the car, and brought Sleeping Beauty in to her new home.

In the door we go, a quick purview of our now 50% bigger family and then (to my thinking) time for a quick nap.

And wait for iiiittt….

Madison began to cry.

And cry.

And wail.

And scream.

And cry.

And shriek.

So we began to do everything we had read about in the parenting books.

We walked. And talked. And nursed. And walked. And rocked. And bounced. And burped. And nursed. And nothing worked…

So for hours she cried, and shrieked, and wailed, and hollered, and bellowed, and screamed, and cried.

And soon we began to cry and shriek and wail and holler and bellow and scream and cry.

Because here we were, six hours into being parents with a baby at home and we were complete and total failures. So we called the doctor. Because there just had to be something wrong. Didn’t there? Because we tried everything. And as hard as I looked I just could not find a reset button, or a do-over, or a “Control. Alt.Delete.” function.

I picked up the phone and called our ever-calm pediatrician. As the Beautiful Bride did laps around the den with the Great Wailer, I explained the situation and all we had done. And that we had tried to walk and talk and nurse and walk and rock and bounce and burp and nursed and nothing worked…

He listened and asked a few key questions and then paused…

And I waited because i just knew that he would have the magic solution.

Then he said this. “Sometimes babies cry.”


“Sometimes baby’s cry?”

That’s it? That’s the best you have “Mr. I went to Vanderbilt and  seen a zillion baby’s and I am a super smart doctor guy?”

All you can offer me when I have a baby that, for “THE LAST SIX HOURS HAS DONE NOTHING BY CRY AND SCREAM AND WAIL” is that “Sometimes babies cry.”

And he said, “Yes, sometimes baby’s cry.”

So I said good-bye and went to break the news to the Beautiful Bride that there was not a silver bullet, and that the best news he could offer was “Sometimes babies cry.”

And then we started to just softly cry.

Because we now knew that this was going to be harder than we imagined.


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