Do you have a thing?

What I mean by that is “do you have a special ‘thing’ that you share with your child?”

More specifically, do you have something special that you do only, or primarily, with that (or each) child?

As in (hopefully) your son or daughter will say someday, “Dad, do you remember when I was little, we had that thing we did, just you and me?”

I am pretty sure that a key responsibility for a dad is to create memories for their kids. And not just the “we’re going to DisneyWorld” or every 4th of July at the beach. I’m talking about the small stuff, that when put in place over time, becomes the “big stuff” they remember. Cause it is the memories that are the bedrock of childhood.

And so I try to have “things” with each of the girls. I don’t think you can manufacture “things” more than you just discover them. And like the prospectors who went to California looking for gold,  once you find it, never let go of it. And (some may argue with this….) don’t promote it to others.

It just needs to be a “thing” for you and your kids.

They come in all shapes and sizes. Here are mine just for example:

  • Madison – she and I go to the library EVERY Saturday. And after the library we go to the “Tiger Store” where she gets the snacks and I get the drinks. It’d just what we do.
  • McKenzie – we have a couple. Most every night, after the lights are out, I sing her a lullaby. But not a regular lullaby, A made up lullaby, based on whatever we just talked about. The sillier the better.  We also always, when leaving at bedtime or any other time, show each other the “I love you” sign.
  • Macie – we have two as well. First is our epic “thumb war” battles. She has loooong fingers and is a black belt in thumb wars. We also have a game (it can go dormant for periods of time” where we sneak a “gotcha” card somewhere where the other does not expect it. Like I got it in her locker at school, or she snuck it in my bag before i went out of town.
These “things” are like gold to me.
Do you have a “thing” with your kids?

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  1. I leave little notes for my Madison with little stick figure girl and a stick figure dad (I can’t draw so that is as good as it gets). I was at a parent teacher meeting at school the other night and left one in her pencil box. (Sometimes I pop one in her lunchbox). She was surprised to find it. She has saved nearly every one over the years. And even though she’s moved on from Big, Big God, she still enjoys snuggling up next to me and me reading to her, Glad for that to continue as long as it can!

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