Middle School open house

I went to middle school open house last night. Our baby is beginning her sophomore year of middle school. (or it may be her junior year since she will be a middle school senior next year. But as the young people say today “whatever ?”)

I drew the short straw so was the familial representative at Middle School Open House.

And to prove I paid attention, below are my observations from the open house. (I did not use a No.2 pencil as I was not prepared…)

  1. Middle school cafeteria’s smell like tater tots even when they are not cooking tater tots.
  2. I wonder if perhaps tater tots have no actual smell but it is the floor cleaner smell that we actually think is tater tots.
  3. Come to think of it, floor cleaner may taste better than middle school tater tots anyway.
  4. I think there must be something in the US Constitution that says “60% of Middle School teachers must be shorter than the aggregate height of the students at the school.” There are some vertically challenged teachers.
  5. Art teachers are typically the coolest teacher in the whole building.
  6. I now better understand the sometimes “less than modest” clothing choices middle school girls make because I have seen how the mothers of the aforementioned students dress.
  7. Male middle school teachers are much more likely, as a percentage of the population, to wear a tie with a picture on it.
  8. Even though I have been out of middle school for a long, long time I still get chills when the principal pages over head.
  9. I think I was late to a couple of the classes so I may have a demerit.
  10. I think they should have served tater tots at the open house.
  11. I would like to have a locker with a super cool combination at my house.
  12. There are a lot of teachers who really want to make a difference in kids lives.
  13. There are some teachers, I think, who are not as committed.
  14. This is no different than most workplaces in America.
  15. It is troubling, because these are the kids that are supposed to be taking care of my Social Security, so i do not want them to be slackers.
  16. I am surprised than some peace-loving activists have not suggested that the nickname for our middle school be changed from “Warriors” to something less violent. Like “Barnacles.” Or maybe “Dust Bunnies.” Or something like that.
  17. Middle school teachers are underpaid.

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  1. #13. Amen.


    #14. As are elementary and high school teachers. What was that about CJ’s new contract?

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