Reckless Abandon (or enough already with all those anti-germ wipe things everywhere…)

I swear this is not going to be one of those “Now back when I was a boy…” posts.

But the reality is I think we have too many way too many of those “anti-germ wipe” things.

They are everywhere. They are inside the door of every store. They are next to the buggies in the grocery story, They are in the bathroom at church. They are spaced out about every 10 feet in the schools. We have a zillion anti-germ things everywhere and yet  we have more problems with antibiotic resistance than ever.

Because (wait for iiiitttt…..)

Back when I was a boy we had germs. Lots of germs.

We didn’t live our life petrified of germs.

But now…now, we are held hostage by the fear that if we would somehow go more than a minute and a half without germ wipe swipe we would all immediately be consumed by flesh-eating-bacteria that would destroy society as we know

Frankly, I think we need more germs. (which may sound surprising given our history.)

Moreover, I think we need to live all of life with a little less fear and a lot more “reckless abandon.” It seems that we are confined by our fears, limited by our “what if’s” and paralyzed by the “it could happen.”


Why do we live this way?

I do not want me, or my family to love life this way.

I have found myself recently encouraging the girls to live with reckless abandon.

Not “jump off the roof” reckless abandon but rather a “don’t live a life where you have a bucket full of ‘I wish’s'” reckless abandon. I am afraid that the whole anti-germ wipe mindset every minute of every day is pervading every nook and cranny of our lives.

That kind of fearful, looking over your shoulder kind of life is not good. Or frankly, I think, what God wants us to have.

So today I commit myself to two things. First,  to not live in fear of the germ BoogeyMan by not using a germ wipe thing even one time; and second, to encourage the girls to not live a life where they are just “comfortable” or simply “safe” with but rather live a life with some reckless abandon.

(please don’t tell their mother…)


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  1. Annette Atwood

    Um, Love, I read your blog….Annette

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