The preface I wish could go before every conversation I have with the girls…

Sometimes it can be a bit tough to have a conversation with a teenager.

We don’t have trouble talking about things, but sometimes we run into roadblocks (or stone walls or thousand-mile-deep canyons or 12-foot-high barbed wire fences …pick your metaphor) where there is “a moment” when I realize that this converstaion is going nowhere very, very quickly.

It is when we reach these “moments” that I wish I could stop time and  insert a very simple preface into the rest fo the conversation.

The preface would always go something like this:

“Your mother and I love you very much. Really, we love you more than you can imagine. And because we love you so much we always want the very best for you. We have also been on this planet for 30 years longer than you. Because we have been on this planet for 30 years longer than you we have a lot of experience and knowledge. (You may find that hard to believe…)  We have experience doing a lot of things right and also a pretty fair experience in  doing a lot of things wrong. As a result of all the things we have done and been through we have the ability to see things from a different perspective than you have. So I need you to trust me. That’s it, just trust me that because Mommy and I love you so much, and because we have lived through a lot more life than you, I need you to trust that the decision we are making (a decision you most likely do not agree with right now…) is in your very best interest. Every decision we make regarding your life is always, to the very best of our ability, to help you. To make you a better person. To protect you. To guard your heart. To help you find the best course in life. Just trust us. Because we love you.”

That is the preface I wish I could insert into every conversation I have with the girls.

Because I love them.


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  1. Great thought Jeff…
    Here’s something I have been telling my daughter since she was old enough to talk. When it comes to discussing who she can marry I have brainwashed her, in a good way to respond: ‘a man who loves God and loves me.’

    • i have those same fears about who the girls marry…cause all the research shows that girls pick husbands based on their relationship with their dad, so if the girls come home with an idiot, it will be painful to see ;this is what she thinks of me…”

  2. Awesome. Is it weird that as I read that I felt God saying ….’yeah, what he said’ to me and my ‘i want things my way’ adult self.

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