Today would have been my parent’s 49th anniversary.

49 years ago today on a hot, sunny August afternoon my parents were married in this little country church outside of Keosauqua, Iowa.

Years later, again on a hot, sunny August afternoon, when I was 14 years old, Susan Kay (Gaston) Atwood was buried in the cemetery behind this little church. Amazing how so much of my life, and who I am am, is wrapped up in this little country church which silently sits at the intersection of two gravel roads in Van Buren County Iowa.

I wish that the bastard cancer would not have struck her so young, so fast. I know that she would have loved our girls and I would have loved to have seen her with them. I would like to have seen her work a hundred puzzles with Madison, sing her rich alto harmony with Kenzie, and whip up some homemade chocolate chip cookies with Macie. But those things will have to wait until the other side…

But until then I will take take what I learned from her in our too short time of 14 years, and work puzzles with Madison, and sing songs with Kenzie, and eat the cookies that Macie makes, and be thankful for every moment that I have with them.

And I would encourage you to do the same with your family too…


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  1. Heart-felt. Sorry for you loss.

  2. Jeff, I sure remember your mom. When I was an intern in Washington, D.C. in 1977, I called your mom and dad and asked if I could come visit them. They recommended I come on the train. They met me and showed me a good time that weekend. I’m always glad I made that trip.
    Bonnie Burns Kerns

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