First Day of Middle School

Found this post that I wrote three years ago. Kenzie (and Madison) are not starting High School and Macie is a 7th grader…yikes!

Dear Kenzo – in ten hours you will be a middle schooler. Seems like ten minutes ago we were getting ready for kindergarten. The next three years will be crazy, I can think of no other way to describe it. Life will get faster, decisions will get harder, challenges will be greater. 

You will find people whose priorities are different than yours; whose values are contrary to yours; and whose beliefs are puzzling (and perhaps even troubling) to you. 

You will also make new friends, and explore new things, and discover amazing gifts and talents and abilities you never knew you had.

I think the best way to describe middle school is that is a lot like a roller coaster. There are times of exhilaration, and times of dread, and laughter and fear and wonder and uncertainty.

There will be, I am certain, times when things are going so well and you are zooming along so fast and so good that you think even the sky itself can’t contain all the greatness of the moment.

Then there will be the other times too.

Times when things seem to be going so horribly, terribly, amazingly badly and you will think that there is no possible way to find your way back to even the point of decent or tolerable or average.

But here’s the thing Kenzo. The good will always be more than the bad. I promise.

And here’s the other thing.

You will not be doing any of this alone. Your mom and I love you bigger than the good and deeper than the bad. And the God who made the world loves you even more than that. (though I must admit I don’t know how…)

So have fun. And laugh. And learn. And run. And stretch. And cry. And discover. And explore. And grow. And we are with you every step of the way.


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