I will never, no never, ride the “round and round up in the sky chair ride at the county fair.

We’re going to the fair tomorrow.

The Williamson County Fair…

Mostly to hear Kenzie sing, but I am certain we will ride some rides constructed by people with questionable engineering experience.

And eat some, deep fried, that was never intended to be deep fried I.e. Deep-fried Twinkies, or Deep-fried Snickers or maybe even globs of Deep-fried deep-fry oil…

Then we will pet the goats and watch the pig races and see who won the baking contest and who got the blue ribbon for the prettiest afghan.

All in all a big time.

Frankly, I am a little bit scared of the whole thing, because when I was about 10 or 11 years old I had a life changing experience at the Van Buren Conty Fair in Keosauqua, Iowa.

My Grandma Gaston took my baby sister and I out to ride rides early one evening, we got there before the crowd had the run of the place. After a couple of uneventful rides we climbed on the “round and round up in the sky chair ride.” the one where you are swirled way up in the sky held in only by a piece of excess chain bought at the Ben Franklin store.

And since we there early, (and perhaps because my Grandma kept slipping the carnival boy quarters….) he just the let thing go…

…and go…

…and go…

For what seem like a month and a half. I was waving my arms the crazy clown in the haunted house ride and my Grandma smiled, waved, and thought “look how happy he is waving at me” and handed carnival boy a roll of quarters with the command “let it roll.”

Finally, either when Grandma ran out of quarters or carnival boy needed a smoke break he brought us back to earth. My sister was happy as could be, I was as green as the prize winning cucumber,

And so if you are at the Williamson County Fair tonight an hear someone screaming “LET ME DOWN” from the “round and round up in the sky chair ride,” please know that it is not me, because there is not one chance in ten thousand that I will get up there to start.

(I will however be cheering very loudly for the cute 14-year-old who will be singing in the finals of singing competition…)


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