Childhood Icon

As a kid, I spent a fair amount of my summer in the farm towns of Keosauqua and Birmingham, Iowa. Both are sleepy little towns surrounded by farms and well, farms…

And as part of every trip to Keosauqua, my Grandma Gaston would take my sister and I down to River Park to have lunch at the Dairy Dip, then across the street to play.

I would go up and down this thing a thousand times, running to  the top to see across the river  and then “evacuating the rocket” when there was an “emergency.” I went to the moon and back a hundred times every summer.

This rocket is an icon from my childhood.

A couple of summers ago, we took the girls to Iowa for summer vacation. (sounds funny doesn’t it…? Iowa for summer vacation…) My sister brought her family as well, and we went to River Park to play. Lunch at a nearby cafe, ice cream at the Dairy Dip, then up and down the Rocket a thousand times. I  got to tell them about how Aunt Jackie and I played here, and watched fireworks at the nearby country club, and  one time saw an escape artist jump off the bridge in to the river in a strait jacket and somehow escape when he was under water.

And the girls loved it.

And I loved watching them enjoy something I had enjoyed so much when I was their age.

I try to find things that I did when I was younger that I can share with them. I think there is much value in the sharing of generational experiences, it helps to share history and shape the future.

What are you doing to share your childhood icons with your children?


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