I am not afraid of death. I am, however, afraid of leading a life that will end up with a  legacy that is like this tombstone. This tombstone sits in the cemetery outside Trinity Church which sits at the top of Wall Street in lower Manhattan. This tombstone is just around the corner from the grave of Alexander Hamilton, who is (in)famous for his ill-fated duel with Aaron Burr.

Hamilton has a much larger grave marker than this and (iw oudl suppose) a much larger legacy than the person who is laid to rest beneath this stone.

And I do not want a legacy that is marked by a stone like this.



Worn away.

I do not want riches, nor fame, nor celebrity. Simply a life that makes life better for those that come behind me., a life that lasts longer than the etching on a tombstone.

The desire is easy, how do I accomplish such a thing…?


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