Parenting tip #345

One of the most important skills a Dad can have is the ability to have a “blank expression.” There will be countless times when you’re kids come to you with a question and your “blank expression” is the resource that will buy you key seconds to pull together a real response. You use the “blank expression” when you need to veil your initial gut level explosion response in order to come to a more appropriate reaction.

For example:

“Dad, I think I’m going to get a tattoo of Justin Beiber on my forehead.”

You initial response is “you crazy child, have you taken leave of your senses or do up have some sort of African Warthog Fever, you are just like your Aunt Marge who lives on the compound in Montana.”

And then it all falls apart faster than a watch bought on a rainy tuesday a side street in Chinatown.

But if you have mastered the “blank expression” you can avoid all that.

When you hear “Dad I think I’m going to get a tattoo of Justin Beiber on my forehead” you have to go “blank expression.”

And breathe…

Then, after a few seconds you can start with (no smirking allowed) “so tell me….” because more often than not the question that draws the blank expression is more often a fishing trip to gauge your opinion, and if you go all in on the first question, the follow up is tougher to defend.

Cause he or she does not really want a Justin Beiber tattoo, more likely they just want a $20.

The “blank expression” can save you lots of heartache and money.


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