Dear President Obama

A letter I sent to President Obama.

Dear President Obama,

I saw the clip of your recent performance on The Tonight Show. (and just as a sidebar, the country is in a pretty difficult place right now, I am not really sure that the time you spent on the photo op with ESPN for your NCAA tournament picks or your jaunt across the country were the best use of your time…but I digress.)

I was amazed and dismayed at what your handlers said was an "off-handed" comment about Special Olympics. 

Like you I am the father of daughters. We have three, ages 10,11, and 12. Your are about the same age, I think. So we have many things in common. 

What we do not have in common (other than the fact that you are most powerful man in the world and I have a small business in Tennessee) is that one of my daughter's is disabled and participates in many events and activities like Special Olympics.  And I am fairly confident that If one of your beautiful daughters had ever been a participant in the Special Olympics I daresay that you would have never made the comment you made. 

Because stereotyping of any type (racial, gender, heritage, etc…) is repulsive and most often comes from a lack of understanding.

So, dad-to-dad, let me offer you this invitation. Grab your daughters and wife, hop on the plane, and run down to Brentwood some Saturday morning this spring and join us for the Challenger Baseball League. 

Look forward to having you with us.

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  1. I thought of you and my sister Becky and my cousin RoxAnne when I heard his comment. All of you have children with special needs. I was a bit taken aback by his comment and I don’t think that your letter was quite as scathing as the one I would have written.

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