file this under “things I never thought I’d say….”

Seems this whole Show Offs Art thing the Beautiful Bride kicked off a little more than a year ago is the real deal.

She now has products in over 400 stores across the country.

And just this week, we began the move from our FOUR storage units to a warehouse. Or at least a corner of a warehouse. with a real place to pack and ship and pretend like we are a big company.

(see how cool…and this doesn't even show the real big "warehouse" part where they have a forklift and everything…)

So last week for the first time I said, "I'm going over to the warehouse."That is something I was pretty sure I would never sat.

But frankly, it felt pretty good to say it…(now if they'll just let me drive the forklift."

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  1. That is very, very cool.

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