Let me clean your face off…with my spit.

The other night I was walking into a store with Kenzo. I looked over and saw that she had a little dirt streak on the side of her face. So with out thinking I stuck my finger in my mouth to get it wet and then used the slimy finger to tray and wipe the goop off her face.

She said, "Dad, that's gross. Using your spit to clean my face."

She was right. It is gross. Why do people do that? I remember my Mom doing that to me, to get a little hunk of something off my face before we went in somewhere.

I don't think I would ever walk into the kitchen to clean some some dirt off the counter and hock a big loogey on their just to get started. Somehow I would find that unsanitary. But if I am getting something off my child's face, finger painting with spit has always seemed just fine.


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