I want to be like Helen Keller

Yesterday Mabel got to participate in the county 4-H speech competition. (and she got 4th place ribbon from her group thank you very much…)

The kids had to pick a specific character trait and give a two-minute speech. Mabel chose "Perseverance." (and she totally rocked her speech thank you very much…)

In her speech she used Christopher Columbus and Helen Keller as examples of perseverance. So did a bunch of the other students. Helen Keller that is.

I would guess that five of the seventeen kids in her room yesterday used the life of Helen Keller as an example perseverance or courage or some other important character traits. Either Helen Keller has a great press agent working the 4th grade circuit or her life has had an impact that transcends the ages. I would guess the latter.

And so funny as it sounds, I think I want to have a life like Helen Keller. Sure, without the heartache and struggle of the disabilities, but a life that has kids in the 4th grade in 2109 talking about me in their speeches.

The problem is, I am not really sure how to do that.I am pretty sure that Helen Keller did not set out to be a person who was named in 4th grade 4-H speeches…

I guess you just try hard every day.

And that seems to be the really hard part.


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