1007 footed millipede…(or a house full of stinky socks)

I have come to the conclusion that one of two things is happening at our house:

    - we have a 1007 footed size seven shoe millipede living here, or…

    - we have four size seven (or so) ladies in the house who have some sort of foot-shedding issue.

Because I walked through the house tonight and saw two things – eight cute feet, and 1007 socks lying on the floor around the house.

there is really only one explanation to this issue.

Sock shedding of epic proportions…

I am certain that some sort of scientists need to study the girls feet because we seem to be shedding socks at some sort of record pace all around the house.

I would guess we could put the global warming guys on this…surely some sort of temperature change or tidal shift would result in this type of sock shedding multiplication.

Because if it is not sock shedding then it is just that the girls are taking off their socks and just leaving them around the house…every day…

And surely they wouldn;t be doing that…

I think global warming i a much more logical conclusion…


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