that’s what we do every year…

Mabel's birthday is Wednesday. Big day. Double digits. The big 1-0.

Frankly I am a bit nauseas about my baby being ten. In dog years she's 70. And that's old.

We were spending a few minutes this morning talking through the week and she said that she "wanted me to stop and get 'the fluffy cookies with all icing.'" So she could take them to school for lunch on her birthday.

So I said, "Mabel, how about if I bring them with me when i come have lunch with you on your birthday?"

To which she replied, "just bring them with you…that's what we do every year."


I knew that I have lunch with the girls on their birthdays (except at middle school now, which is TOTALLY not cool…)but maybe didn;t realize that it was as much a ritual for me as for them.

It is so important to build in ritual and repetition for kids.  And also discover (and remember) the things that have become ritual and important for them.


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