84 hours and counting…

The Beautiful Bride has been out of town for 84 hours.

Since this little Show Offs Art thing she dreamed up a year ago is taking off. So she and her sidekick have been at The Market in Atlanta since Thursday. And will not return until late Tuesday. And then leave again on Thursday. And retrun on Monday.

And then not leave for a long, long time…

But back to me.

She has been gone for nearly four days and which mean that I have been in charge for four days. Which is often fairly dicey at best.

We have been busy and have done a lot of things, but to just break things up, here is a list of the things we have not done in the past 84 hours:

  • Eat at Sonic
  • Dust the furniture
  • Go to church (ooops…)
  • Sold Girl Scout cookies
  • Bathed the dog(we have however, bathed ourselves…)
  • Eaten fresh vegetables
  • Not eaten too much ice cream (get the double negative)
  • Watched the Titans win
  • Left the house without a coat
  • Taken a nap.
  • Not missed Mommy…



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